We are a design studio dedicated to providing one on one service to our clientele. My portfolio includes commercial real estate tenant projects, residential design, and themed entertainment design 
I have had the pleasure of designing exceptional spaces for exceptional people :  homes with designs that reflect clients’ unique personality and lifestyle, offices( corporate, medical and dental) with a style that is unique to you and and your specific industry, restaurants, boutiques, and theme designs for entertainment destinations such as Walt Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in the US, Europe, and Asia.
My education and years of experience offer you the trust and peace of mind that we listen to you  our client , first and foremost, and walk the entire project alongside with you until we know that you are content and the project is ready to be unveiled.

Please have a look at select projects presented on the website, and contact the studio to discuss your interests. I am always happy to hear your story and see how I can help.
Yvette K. Yessayantz , INC.


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